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- Sep 15, 2017 -

Tetrahydrofuran has the characteristics like: low toxic, low boiling point and good quality, etc. It is an important organic synthesis raw material and a good solution. It has good solubility to many organic compounts. It can dissolve all the organic compounds except for polyethylene,polypropylene and fluorine resin. Especially for polyvinyl chloride,polyvinylidene chloride and aniline, it has good solution effect. As usual solvent, it is widely used in surface coating, protective coating, ink, extracting agent and surface treatment of artificial leather, etc. Tetrahydrofuran is the important raw material in the production of PTMEG. It is also the main solution in pharmaceutical industry.

Quality standard:

SpecificationSuper Grade
Purity99.9% min
Moisture Content200ppm max
Hydrogen Peroxide Content30ppm max
BHT Content90-150ppm

Package: packed in 180kg/drum, or in iso tank=21mt

Stored in cool and dry place, where is ventilate. And avoid heat and fire. The container should be sealed. It cannot be stored together with oxidant or acid. It is flammable poisonous liquid. The container identification must be clear.

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