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THF Market

- Sep 19, 2017 -

THF(tetrahydrofuran) market in September 2017

At present, the overall market is steady and the offer remains stable. 

  1. upstream raw material

    The overall BDO market is in stalemate. The transaction proceeds slowly and the downstream manufactures only make on-demand purchase, with little good news supporting the market.The price of BDO provide limited support for THF price.Previously, it was predicted that the BDO market will pick up slightly in September and October. But it is estimated that the increase in the price may have little impact on THF market

  2. downstream demand

    THF is mainly used for producing PTMEG. It is reported that the market for PTMEG remains steady as a whole, with stable operation of manufacturers' facilities. And market participants are waiting to see the future change in the supply and demand. There are signs of recovery in the spandex market. Amid the peak season of September and October, though the environmental inspection and safety checks impose strict restriction on the production of small and medium-sized plants, the overall demand achieves a slow recovery compared with earlier period

    In medicine, THF is mainly used to make intermediate solvent.The demand of THF from the pharmaceutical industry is still weak, and big good news supporting the demand has yet to be seen.

  In a word, the recent THF market has been flat, which is a result of the limited support of upstream raw materials for the THF costs and the slow recovery in downstream demand. The cool autumn is coming. Meanwhile, the THF market still has the opportunity to rally, but market movement should continue to be observed.

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