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Sodium Hydroxide :Downstream Flooding Favorable Market Rally Still

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Domestic caustic soda market a rally, flake alkali, liquid alkali competition price, ignite the industry to operate sentiment, the price behind, traders gradually actively hoarding goods. Chlor-alkali Enterprise start level is insufficient, market caustic soda spot supply level is normal, manufacturers pay more attention to the downstream alumina dynamic, the high alkali price has risen to high, and low alkali inventory is still sufficient, the latter is expected to continue to increase the price of alumina in the plan, then low alkali prices still have room to rise. Shandong Caustic soda Rising prices, the intention of the rest of the country with the rise in the early period due to environmental impact, low downstream construction, the overall demand performance is still weak, manufacturers quoted price Increase limited. Tablets of alkali, Shandong Area high concentration of alkali rising, to the cost of tablets to support, in the buy up not to buy down mentality driven, the market pull up the atmosphere is strong, traders and end user hoarding goods intentions positive, and downstream industry textile printing and dyeing atmosphere is stable, alumina production line gradually resumed, the procurement atmosphere has been improved, more flexible pickup , therefore, in the case of good cost, supply and demand, it is expected that in the short term domestic tablets are still in the upward space, the latter should pay more attention to the enterprise start-up situation and upstream and downstream supply and demand problems.