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- Aug 31, 2018 -

PTMEG is linear polyether diol of primary hydroxyl end group,  which is produced by means of ring opening polymerization of THF via cation. The  average molecular weight of PTMEG with the most extensive application in  commerce is 1000 or 2000. PTMEG is mainly used as soft  chain block of block polyurethane or block polyether and polyester. The block  polyurethane rubber produced with PTMEG of average molecular weight 1000 can be  used as tyre, driving belt, gasket, paint, artificial leather and film. The  produced block polyether polyester is thermoplastic elastomer. PTMEG with  average molecular weight 2000 can be used to produce polyurethane elastic fiber,which is the special raw material for  producing spandex. PTMEG with spandex is mainly used to produce non-fiber  polyurethane and ester-ether copolymerizing elastomer. The largest foreign  consumption market of PTMEG is polyurethane elastomer, followed by spandex and  ester-ether copolymerizing elastomer. Main domestic consumption market of PTMEG  is spandex, followed by polyurethane elastomer. Ester-ether copolymerizing  elastomer is unavailable in China. 

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