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Pre-pull Isopropyl Alcohol Contrarian Rebound

- Aug 31, 2018 -

High-level propylene is difficult to increase the acetone repeatedly

Propylene: Although the current domestic propylene market continues to fall, but the current price of propylene is still at a high level, at present, the price of isopropanol, propylene method loss is serious, and thus the low operating rate, Acetone: The Isopropyl alcohol Rose, the biggest "hero" is acetone, a device overhaul to now, acetone price rapid, especially in southern China, causing traders to the future of panic, the city pushes up the natural is not less. The current acetone-isopropyl alcohol to let the space is still large, but with the price of acetone greatly pushed up, isopropyl alcohol carriers for the future sentiment optimistic, many entertained to rise, sporadic offer high.