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- Aug 15, 2018 -

PVP has a wide range of applications in industry.

1. Adhesive; PVP solution has good viscosity, used as adhesive in solid glue sticks, stamps, band-aids, plaster bandages, etc.

2. Coatings and inks: PVP has excellent dispersing properties. After adding PVP, it increases the viscosity, improves the tinting strength, eliminates the floating phenomenon, disperses and stabilizes the pigment components, improves the gloss, and avoids the flocculation and precipitation of the pigment.

3. Membrane and new materials: PVP can not only effectively improve the hydrophilicity of the membrane, but also control the membrane pore size and distribution by selecting PVP of different molecular weight and controlling the amount of addition. In addition, PVP has applications in new materials such as drag reducing materials, glass fibers, laser discs, photo-curing resins, and photosensitive materials.

4. Electronics industry: PVP is used in the light gel in the image tube to increase the contrast and resolution of the color tube. It can also be used in nickel-chromium and lithium batteries, and in printed circuit boards.

5. Agriculture: Adding a certain amount of PVP to the pesticide not only enhances the solubilization, but also improves the adhesion of the pesticide to the plant and improves the insecticidal effect. Adding an appropriate amount of PVP to the fertilizer can increase the utilization rate of the active ingredients in the fertilizer. Seed coating to prevent frostbite and prevent mold intrusion.

6. Others: paper, textile, feed, chemical fiber, ceramics, metal quenching, surface treatment and other industries.

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