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Methanol Market

- Dec 31, 2018 -

Recently, the domestic methanol market has undergone a small regional adjustment. As a result of the surge in crude oil overnight, the coastal areas have obviously pushed up, and the mainland market has remained weak.

Supply and demand: Inventories in the coastal areas continue to increase, and there are certain inventory pressures on the mainland production enterprises. Therefore, the supply and demand side of methanol continues to be under pressure recently.

Mentality: Given the weak fundamentals of supply and demand, participants are more cautious and have a certain bearish sentiment, so short-term positive news is limited.

Downstream: Recently, the traditional downstream industry has maintained its consolidation. Although the oil price has been boosted but the strength is limited, the pace of raw material purchase is still slow.

Forecast: The fundamentals are empty and suppress the mentality. Crude oil follows the US stock market overnight, and the market will be calm after the market loses. The domestic methanol market may remain weak.

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