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- Oct 22, 2018 -

Near a stage, the domestic formaldehyde market weak adjustment, the recent raw material methanol market weak collation, downstream receiving sentiment is not good, methanol enterprise more down offer, cost face bad home formaldehyde industry mentality. Shandong, Jiangsu area industry, more follow the raw material methanol market trend, the near stage continues the downward trend, the downstream demand performance is stable, the high price conflicts the sentiment slightly alleviates, the exchange investment has the turn good sign; South China area arrangement mainly, individual manufacturers cautious cut offer, local more stick to offer, go goods fair; Downstream purchase more continuation just need, manufacturers short-term mentality temporarily, the deal is smooth.

At present, environmental protection pressure is still large, downstream start general, the demand surface to maintain light stability, formaldehyde enterprise boot is also low, insufficient supply, and raw material methanol market or will continue weak finishing, so short-term domestic formaldehyde market or stable medium and small weak mainly, the proposal concerned about raw material methanol market trend and supply and demand surface change. As at present Shandong region factory quoted in the USD 215 per ton, Hebei region local mainstream quoted at USD 205 per ton, Jiangsu area factory quoted at USD 230 per ton, South China mainstream factory price in USD 245 per ton or so.

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