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Market Review Of Formaldehyde Last Week

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Last week, the domestic formaldehyde market was weak, shandong, east China, south China and other places have a small decline, hebei stability

The Lord.In the week, the raw methanol market recovered rationally. At the beginning of last week, based on the relatively general impact of last week's shipment, the prices of enterprises in shaanxi and Mongolia

Compared with last weekend, a reduction, followed by most of the shipments temporary, some enterprises in the middle of the week stop selling, the current relatively high freight, downstream

The atmosphere of receiving goods is limited, so shandong, hebei and other bohai rim markets are mainly vulnerable to callback, methanol futures callback, port market weak integral

Richard.Raw material weak decline, formaldehyde passively follow, after adjustment, the lower reaches of the high price resistance mood slightly loose, the venue to discuss the atmosphere temporarily

To smoothly.In terms of environmental protection, the comprehensive control of air pollution in beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas in autumn and winter 2018-2019 has been carried out

Zhongyu information weekly series launch dynamic plan, plan pointed out in all industrial enterprises adjust measures to local conditions to promote peak production, implement differential peak production, it is forbidden to adopt the mode of "one size fits all", it represents in the fall and winter of this year's "shutdown" will not come again, this for formaldehyde sheet enterprises and the downstream industry is good news, the pressure of environmental protection of enterprise slightly reduced, but the raw material is still affecting formaldehyde market in China

The main factor of potential is expected to be weak operation in China's methanol market next week

It is suggested to pay attention to the market trend of raw methanol and the change of internal supply and demand.

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