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Maleic Anhydride

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Today, the domestic market of maleic anhydride is high.In shandong province, the market of maleic anhydride is very high. The local spot price of solid anhydride runs around 9500-9600 yuan/ton (spot exchange), and the spot exchange of liquid anhydride leaves the factory at 9200-9300 yuan/ton.The market of maleic anhydride in north China is firm.In jiangsu province, the market of maleic anhydride is highly operated. The reference value of butane solid anhydride is 9700-9800 yuan/ton (spot exchange), and the peripheral cash value of liquid anhydride is 9400-9500 yuan/ton (spot exchange).In south China, the market of maleic anhydride remains firm. The local price is referred to as 10,000-10200 yuan/ton.Today, domestic market of anhydride firm upward, near the Mid-Autumn festival small long holiday, some factories go on price, factory operation mentality is good, part of the market center of gravity is still strong, although the downstream cost pressure, but difficult to find low price sources, short-term domestic anhydride market is still strong opportunities.

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