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Maleic Anhydride

- Jul 23, 2018 -

    Today, the domestic maleic anhydride market is very price to continue the city. Shandong area of maleic anhydride market consolidation transition, local phthalic anhydride spot price around to 8000 yuan/ton (cash) near the operation, liquid anhydride ex-factory 7550-7650 yuan/ton; in North China maleic anhydride market stability operation, Shanxi reference to 7900-8000 yuan/ton near, Hebei reference to 8100-8200 Yuan ton near , Jiangsu Region of maleic anhydride market stability, butane method of reference to 8200-8400 yuan/ton (spot), liquid anhydride peripheral cash sent to 7900-8000 yuan/ton (spot); in South China maleic anhydride Market, the price of local prices for reference to 8500 yuan/ton near. Today, the domestic market price of maleic anhydride operation, although at the beginning of the week, many factories did not set new prices, but there is no low will, local sell Fang go to the price, the main areas of supply sufficient prices rebound resistance is still there, but the remote supply in Guangdong province low price will be reduced, the surrounding can be limited to the circulation of goods under the support of difficult to find low-cost sources, maleic anhydride current trading plate still saw under , short-term domestic maleic anhydride market reorganization transition, pay attention to demand performance.

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