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Last Week Acetic Anhydride Market Summary

- Nov 19, 2018 -

Last week, the domestic market for maleic anhydride tentatively pulled up, but slowly.Started early last week due to factory inventory

After the release, the center of gravity of the delivery of mainstream large factories under the pressure of no goods left steady in the upward operation, the low-price goods in the market quickly delisted, benzene method

At one time, the supply of goods rose to more than 8000 yuan/ton, but with the slow follow-up of downstream orders, and the middleman has a stock supply system

Under the contract, the factory new orders are general, the market growth is slow.In addition, raw material prices also maintained a decline last week, followed by pure benzene sinopec

After further reduction, hydrobenzene also declined successively, in addition, the price of n-butane also fell back to 4000 yuan/ton, the overall sluggish performance of raw materials

Also accentuates the downstream wait-and-see mood;Second, the peripheral performance is still relatively empty, resin raw material styrene continued to dip at the beginning of the week, resin entered the market

The spread of caution also restricted the factory's performance in new orders. Although styrene started to recover in the middle of last week, the periphery was uncertain

Under the control of maleic anhydride operation opportunity is small.At present, the supply and demand side continues to draw saw, and the demand for resin is difficult to increase significantly.

Downstream to continue to inquire low - price goods into the market, short - term domestic maleic market rebound space, maintain the range of consolidation in the majority.

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