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How BDO Performes In The Near Days?

- Nov 22, 2018 -


In terms of raw materials, the methanol market was mainly weak. Although the upstream enterprises have not much inventory, the market is mainly due to changes in the macro and downstream markets. After the market outlook, the supply side is expected to increase strongly, while the demand side has not changed for the time being. The methanol market will continue to be weaker next days The supply and demand of calcium carbide market is unbalanced and the price is lowered. The overall consumption of calcium carbide continues to be low, the construction is relatively stable, and the supply is relatively sufficient. 

The short-term domestic calcium carbide market is weak, and some manufacturers may continue to follow. On the other hand, the downstream slurry and sole liquids are not well started, and the demand is sluggish. The procurement is mainly based on small orders, which is difficult to improve in the short term. PTMEG is weakly consolidating, THF is temporarily running smoothly, and the overall downstream demand is not high.

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