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High Regression Of Dimethyl Carbonate

- Dec 26, 2018 -

   At the beginning of December, the domestic DMC market continued to explode and rise, with the factories'offer in short supply and demand rising, the downstream just needed support, more follow-up maintenance, and the supply side was difficult to alleviate the shortage. Although raw materials fell, the unbalanced supply and demand side of DMC broke away from the constraints of cost side, and the short-term continued high-level interval consolidation. 

   By the end of the month, the domestic DMC market has loosened its high and narrow range, and its price centre is close to the low end. With the gradual increase of supply side, the high pressure of DMC has no new orders, and the downstream just needs support. However, the downstream has weakened its high-price purchasing capacity, the pre-delivery orders are dominant, the supply and demand side is empty, and the end of the month is expected to fall back.

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