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Formaldehyde Week Summary

- Jan 11, 2019 -

This week, formaldehyde market was dominated by weak finishing, among which methanol, a raw material in south China, fluctuated within a narrow range, with weak cost support

Aldehydists' offer declined at the beginning of the week, linyi area partially followed by a small increase in raw materials, other regions temporarily stable transition. Methanol of the week

Overall market stability in the upward, the opening quotation of the week is considerable, the overall market stability in the small bullish, northwest part of the enterprise price

With the narrow range rising, the early replenishment situation of downstream users and traders began to increase, the trading atmosphere improved, and the freight went up significantly.

The price is rising gradually, but the formaldehyde industry has not been strongly boosted yet, the terminal demand is weak, and the formaldehyde manufacturers' shipment is blocked, even if it is original

Expected to support the overall strength, but demand to a large extent clamped the rising trend, formaldehyde market within weeks to maintain a weak, only the mountain

Part of the test rose in the eastern region. On the whole, the methanol market is expected to continue to rise next week, with the cost supporting stronger, but downstream

The support is still weak, and some or all of the formaldehyde fluctuates slightly. It is expected that the formaldehyde market in China will remain weak as a whole next week.

Local and small shocks cannot be ruled out.

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