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Formaldehyde Market Review This Week

- Nov 23, 2018 -

This week, the center of gravity of domestic formaldehyde market is declining. In terms of raw materials, methanol market is weak

Replenishment, northwest main production area shipment is better, most factories stop selling, inland market rebound slightly, clinch a deal is ok, close to the weekend by a

Due to the impact of the decline of alcohol futures, the atmosphere in the mainland turned weak and weak. In terms of ports, methanol futures continued due to the plunge of crude oil futures

Down, the transaction center of gravity significantly moved down, the cost support is weak, hebei, jiangsu, south China area in the raw material under the bad air went down;

In addition, with the arrival of winter heating period, the performance of formaldehyde in low season is obvious, the demand of downstream plate enterprises shrinks, and the overall market is weak

Due to environmental protection inspectors, formaldehyde enterprises in southern shandong stop their vehicles on a large scale, which is difficult to recover in the short term, and downstream enterprises start less.Few transactions on the floor, the price fell.

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