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Formaldehyde Market

- Dec 31, 2018 -

Recently, formaldehyde enterprises have reworked, and the supply of goods in the market has gradually returned to normal. However, the downstream board factories have started to work weakly, and the company has different offers. The market has entered the stage of consolidation, and the single-party negotiation is flexible. However, due to the impact of foreign sources of supply, coupled with the decline in raw materials, the formaldehyde company's offer was lowered, and the on-site shipments were under pressure. Therefore, some formaldehyde enterprises were on the sidelines, and the southern part of Jiangsu was affected by the weak decline of methanol. Some enterprises lowered their offer and the atmosphere was discussed. Weak. In other regions, the overall start of formaldehyde and downstream board plants was weak, and the decline in raw materials was difficult. The local formaldehyde enterprises offered to go down, and the market sentiment was not improved. It is predicted that in January, methanol will continue to be weak, or there may be a small rebound, and the cost of formaldehyde will remain weak.