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- May 04, 2018 -

Formaldehyde as a BDO upstream market has been relatively stable recently. The domestic formaldehyde market has been dominated. The performance of the local fundamentals has been temporarily stable. Manufacturers have offered stable returns and shipments have been relatively flexible. In May, the raw materials in the Mainland were negative and the coast was strong, and the industry’s attitude was wait-and-see. From the perspective of raw materials, the methanol market is expected to be negative, and the cost of formaldehyde may drop. On the demand side, the current consolidation of multiple floor plants is still in progress. With the increase of high temperature and rainfall, the start-up of the plant may be further restricted. , Market demand will continue to shrink; supply side, Linyi region follow-up part of the formalities of the company's deposit and withdrawal of formaldehyde business expectations, Hebei, Henan and other cities do not rule out the impact of external factors to stop work, the supply of deposits to reduce expectations. Therefore, in May domestic activity on the up and down flow of formaldehyde may be reduced, the market talks atmosphere is generally bearish. Believe that this change will affect the price of BDO,for price or more information, pls feel free to contact with me at ansel  ansel@gpcchem.com.


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