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Formaldehyde Market Forecast This Week

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Last week, domestic formaldehyde market ups and downs are different. The formaldehyde plant in southern Shandong runs at full load, but the downstream demand is weak, and the lower price is sold; the demand in Jiangsu area is difficult to support the market, the operator is under pressure and the offer is weak; In South China this week, prices were scarce, and sporadic traders were pushed up slightly by raw materials. In Hebei, the weekly offer was more or less stable. By the end of the week, some operators were under the pressure of inventory to make a small downward cut. This week, methanol is expected to run weakly, while the cost support is weak, while the trend of formaldehyde follows the raw materials, so Zhongyu believes that the formaldehyde market in China will be weak or stable this week.

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