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Titanium dioxide peak season can come?

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Holiday will be, manufacturers to maintain the upfront price, and the future bullish mentality, the current upstream raw materials sulfuric acid upstream, the cost of titanium dioxide has a certain support, downstream demand, more on demand to pick up goods, at the end of September, a number of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises have announced the imminent increase in the price of titanium dioxide.

  By this effect, the domestic Panzhihua area titanium ore enterprises are also eager to boost the market. The import of titanium ore, due to the current high level of the port inventory, its price adjustment is very difficult.

  It is expected that the import of titanium ore market will be stable after the official announcement of the large-scale mines in Panxi, but it is less likely to achieve a rebound. Judging from the current situation, titanium ore prices are mainly determined by the performance of titanium dioxide market. At present, domestic demand for titanium dioxide is tepid, gold nine silver Ten also did not have a noticeable improvement, which is consistent with the previous high season not prosperous forecast. At present, the main pulling force of the titanium dioxide market comes from the improvement of export market.

        But the export market can be divided into titanium dioxide companies more limited, combined with 8, September domestic production of titanium dioxide is higher, the October titanium dioxide market in the full range of price increases is unlikely.


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