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Methylene Chloride(MC)

- Oct 31, 2018 -

                                                         Methylene Chloride(MC)

    In October, the domestic price of dichlorocarb was generally “V”-shaped, but compared with the previous price hikes, the price fluctuation of methylene chloride in October was relatively flat. As of October 31, the price of Shandong's main enterprises fell by 350RMB/ton from the beginning of the month, a decrease of 9.02%. During the month, the overall operation of the production equipment was stable. Only during the National Day holiday in early October, there was a certain decline in supply, but it recovered quickly after the holiday. The performance of the demand environment is still acceptable. After the National Day holiday, there is a clear market-selling behavior, which lasts until mid-month.

Alan believes that the main factors that have a significant impact on domestic methylene chloride prices in October include:

1. The skyrocketing cost price is mainly due to the rapid increase of liquid chlorine price, the increase of methanol price, and the strong support of methylene chloride cost;

2. The bottom-end stocking of merchants and terminals, the price of methylene chloride plummeted before and after the National Day holiday. Under the market conditions of low inventory of manufacturers, there was obvious dumping behavior in the post-holiday market, stimulating prices to stop falling and rising;

3. The production enterprise equipment has a high driving load in the second half of the month, and the supply of the market supply is relatively sufficient. The inventory of the multiple factories in the second half of the month has obviously increased.

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