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Titanium Dioxide Cost Increase Market Bullish Atmosphere Enhancement(TiO2)

- Sep 30, 2018 -



 Rutile Titanium Dioxide Market Review

       Rutile-type titanium dioxide this month to negotiate a stable price, sporadic negotiations price narrow fluctuations. In the month leading Enterprise Dragon Python Bai Lee Letter announced that since October began to increase the offer, sporadic manufacturers with the rise, the current market prices have not been large fluctuations. At present, manufacturers start the overall stability, supply stability, the peak season demand is still not smooth, downstream goods emotional instability, the market to take goods light.Recently, the price of sulfuric acid, titanium ore and other raw materials rose overall, coupled with international economic situation friction, the cost of titanium dioxide climbed, the market bullish mentality is gradually strong.

 Anatase Titanium Dioxide Market Review 

        Titanium Titanium Dioxide this month to discuss the overall stability of the price, by the increase in the cost of raw materials, such as the impact, sporadic business letter raised product offer, the range of 300-500 RMB/ton, the market actually negotiated prices have no significant impact.Manufacturers to start the overall stability, supply and demand, downstream demand light, titanium dioxide cost increase under the market bullish atmosphere enhanced.

Market Forecast


The overall price of raw materials rose in the month, in addition to the international economic situation, the cost of titanium dioxide increased, the market bullish atmosphere intensified, sporadic enterprises followed by the Dragon Python Bai Li increase the offer. At present, the overall market negotiations price has not had a greater impact, is expected to rise next month, after the price hike, there will be more manufacturers to talk about the price rise.

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