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- Nov 28, 2018 -

Cyclohexylamine is also known as aminocyclohexane or hexahydroaniline. Colorless transparent liquid. It has a strong fishy smell and an ammonia smell. combustible. The relative molecular mass is 99.18. The relative density is 0.8191.

Preparation method: aniline can be catalyzed by reduction (nickel or cobalt) at high temperature and high pressure to obtain a finished product of cyclohexylamine; or cyclohexanol obtained by catalytic reduction of phenol as a raw material, and then aminated with ammonia. 

Uses: Used in organic synthesis, plastic synthesis, also as a preservative and acid gas absorbent. Production of intermediates for water treatment chemicals, artificial sweeteners, rubber processing chemicals and agrochemicals. Acid gas absorbent, organic synthesis. Industrial cyclohexylamine is mainly used as a thiazole vulcanization accelerator for rubber, and can also be used as a clearing agent, a dyeing auxiliary, and a surfactant.

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