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Calcium Carbide

- Jul 18, 2018 -

        Carbide also known as calcium carbide. Chemical Type CaC2. A kind of important chemical material produced by chemical processing of limestone. 1892 the Frenchman H. Maysan and the American T.L Wilson developed the Electric furnace Reduction system carbide law, the United States in 1895 to achieve industrial production. Carbide nature and purity, industrial products are carbide and calcium oxide mixture, and contains traces of sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other impurities, color with the increase of impurity content is gray, Brown to black. Melting point and conductivity are reduced with the purity, the purity of industrial products is generally 80%, melting point 1800~2000℃. At room temperature does not react with the air, but more than 350 ℃ oxidation reaction, 600~700℃ and nitrogen reaction, to generate cyanide calcium. Carbide water or steam to produce acetylene and release a large number of heat: Cac2+2h2o─→c2h2+ca (OH) 2+125185.32j,1kg pure carbide can produce 366l acetylene (15 ℃, 0.1MPa), so the storage should be closely waterproof, usually installed in a closed iron container,

        Nitrogen is stored in the drying warehouse if necessary. Electric furnace Reduction method is the only way to produce carbide in industry at present. The reduction reaction of calcium oxide and Coke under 2000~2200℃: cao+3c─→cac2+co-480644.64j, the resulting molten carbide flows from the bottom of the reaction furnace to the receiving trough, and the product is cooled. Carbide Production department high temperature operation, dust more, electric energy consumption is big. The 80 's, production per ton of industrial carbide power consumption for 10~11GJ. In order to reduce power consumption, the use of airtight and large calcium carbide furnace to reduce heat loss and facilitate the recycling of carbon monoxide.

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