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Calcium Carbide

- May 30, 2018 -


Calcium carbide is also called carbide, calcium carbide is the main ingredient, inorganic compounds, white crystals, industrial products for gray-black lumps, sections of purple or gray. The water immediately reacts violently, producing acetylene and releasing heat. Carbide is an important basic chemical material, mainly used for producing acetylene gas.

Also used in organic synthesis, oxy-acetylene welding and so on. October 27, 2017, the World Health Organization International Agency for Cancer Research published a list of carcinogenic substances, carbide production in the list of 3 categories of carcinogens.


The ore is a tawny or black blocky solid, with a pure white crystal (with CaC2 higher than purple). Density 2.22 grams/cubic centimeter, melting point 2,300 ℃ (with CaC2 content), the water immediately occurs the intense reaction, produces the acetylene, and releases the heat, the calcium carbide content different melting point also changes.


(1) For the production of acetylene gas, polyvinyl chloride, lime nitrogen, melamine, iron and steel desulfurization agent

(2) for the electronics industry

(3) as a teaching reagent 

(4) Calcium carbide used in chemical production accounted for about 60%, the remaining 40% for metal welding and cutting. Calcium carbide as raw material can produce a series of chemical products, such as PVC resin, polyvinyl alcohol, vinyl acetate, neoprene, butanol, octanol, cyanuric ethylene, ethylene cyanide, acetaldehyde, acetylene carbon black, lime nitrogen and so on. and the largest amount of the production of PVC resin, accounting for the chemical consumption of 60% of the stone. Calcium carbide powder is irritating and can damage the skin and respiratory system.

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