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Use of PBT

- Aug 24, 2018 -

Use of PBT

PBT is present in everyday life and is common in electrical, electronic and automotive components. PBT resin and PBT compound are the two types of products that are used in various applications. PBT compound is comprised of various materials that can include PBT resin,  fibreglass filing, and additives, whereas the PBT resin only includes the base resin. The material is often used in mineral or glass filled grades.

For use outdoors and in applications where a fire is a concern, additives are included to improve its UV and flammability properties. With these modifications, it is possible to have a PBT product that can be used in numerous industrial applications.

PBT resin is used to make PBT fiber as well as electronic parts, electrical parts, and auto parts. TV set accessories, motor cover sand motor brushes are some examples of the use of PBT compound. When reinforced, it can be used in switches, sockets, bobbins, and handles. The unfilled version of PBT is present in some brake cable liners and rods.

When a material with high strength, good dimensional stability, resistance to various chemicals and good insulations is needed, PBT is a preferred choice given its excellent characteristics. The same is true when bearing and wear properties are determining factors in material selection. For these reasons, valves, food processing machinery components, wheels, and gears are also made from PBT. Its application in food processing components is largely due to its low moisture absorption and its resistance to staining. It also does not absorb flavors.

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