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Use of Dicyclohexamine

- Jul 10, 2018 -


CAS: 101-83-7 

molecular formula: C12H24N 

molecular weight: 182.3251 

It is mainly used for organic synthesis, and also used as insecticide, acid gas absorbent and iron and steel antirust agent.

Synthetic method 

Cyclohexyl amine was synthesized from aniline by hydrogenation at high temperature and high pressure in the presence of catalyst.

Use of Dicyclohexamine

1. for organic synthesis, also used as pesticides, acid gas absorbers and iron and steel antirust agents. It is used as an extractant for natural products and organic synthesis, an acid gas absorber. It has excellent surface activity with fatty acids and sulfuric acid salts. It is used in printing and fiber industry. Complexes formed with metals are used as catalysts for paints and inks. Bicyclic hexyl nitrite is an excellent metal corrosion inhibitor. 

2. for organic synthesis and use as pesticides, acid gas absorbents and iron and steel antirust agents.

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