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- Dec 31, 2018 -

The THF market has been divided into Asia Pacific, North America and Europe by region. The Asia Pacific region is the world's largest market for tetrahydrofuran. From 2017 to 2022, the Asia Pacific tetrahydrofuran market is expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate. China is expected to lead the Asia-Pacific region's tetrahydrofuran market in terms of quantity, as it accounts for half of the global demand for tetrahydrofuran. China, India, and countries in North and South Asia have greatly promoted the demand for tetrahydrofuran. The growth of the THF market in these countries can be attributed to its booming textile, packaging, automotive and chemical industries. The rapid growth of the automotive and packaging industry in the Asia Pacific region has driven the growth of the THF market in the region.

The impact of tetrahydrofuran on human and animal health and its high manufacturing costs are factors that limit the growth of the global THF market. Tetrahydrofuran is flammable and carcinogenic. Exposure to tetrahydrofuran can cause serious health hazards to humans and animals.

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