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Sodium dithionite hydrate

- Sep 29, 2018 -

English alias: Sodium dithionite hydrate; Sodium hydrosulphite; Sodium dithionite; disodium dithionite

CAS: 7775-14-6


Molecular formula: Na2O4S2

Molecular weight: 174.1071

Basic introduction:

It smells of special smell. Sensitive to light. In the presence of solids, there are anhydrous and two water crystalline forms. Crystallization of dihydrate is unstable. It can be dehydrated when heated to a certain temperature in alkaline medium, and then transformed into anhydrous crystal, which is easy to decompose. It is usually stable in alkaline medium than in neutral medium and stable when it is dry. They can be decomposed and accelerated even if they are exposed to moisture or heat. When decomposing, it releases sulfur dioxide and a lot of heat and can spontaneously burn at 250 degrees. In wet or aqueous solutions, Sodium Bisulfite and sodium bisulfate are rapidly generated and acidity. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, and neutral in aqueous solution. It is easy to burn when it is wet. Because of its unstable nature, a certain amount of stabilizer is added to the finished product.

Storage method:

It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse. Damp-proof, anti-sunlight direct exposure, away from the source of fire, do not contact with water or steam, and do not mix with oxidants or other inflammable materials storage and transportation. Immediately after the use of the mouth, cover, properly preserved.

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