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Risk characteristics of calcium carbide

- Aug 28, 2018 -

Carbide in the air can absorb moisture, can conduct electricity, the higher the purity, the more easily conductive. In case of water or steam that can occur flammable and explosive acetylene gas (commonly known as acetylene), the gas in the spark can be ignited, will also be the hot burning reaction. Acetylene gas and some heavy metal salts can be arranged into high explosive mixtures. Carbide often contain phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities, and water action will also release phosphine and hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases. When the content of phosphine is more than 0.08% and the content of hydrogen sulfide exceeds 0.15%, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion explosion. The powder of the eye and respiratory organs are stimulated, can cause skin burns. Carbide is one of the basic raw materials of the organic synthesis industry, it can produce acetylene gas, be used for welding and cutting metal, it is also the raw material of making polyvinyl chloride. Dust can cause irritating symptoms to the skin, resulting in impurities, especially hydrogen sulfide and phosphine can make people toxic. In addition, due to the water easily generated flammable and explosive acetylene, it is classified as dangerous goods. Should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, the premises are not allowed to leak, loading and unloading should be handled lightly, transport tools must have waterproof equipment, away from steel and copper alloy and salts. In the transport should be done after the first unloading, strictly prohibited on deck, to avoid daylight exposure, fire prohibition of water and foam, usable dry powder and dry sand, carbon dioxide is invalid. People should immediately move to fresh air, with 5% of the carbon dioxide oxygen to help breathe. This product by anthracite or Coke and other quicklime in the electric furnace hot to high temperature. United Nations number (UN No.) : 1402/4335/4.3-03/705.

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