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- Jun 28, 2018 -

China's PVP production and application started somewhat late, but its added value is high and the market prospect is broad. With the support of the government, China has gradually become a major producer of PVP in recent years, and PVP is widely used in many fields such as medicine, food, household chemicals, textiles, and detergents. It is generally divided into industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade, and food grade, in which medicine and daily-use chemicals are the main consumption areas, and food and adhesives are its second largest consumer market. 

The main production processes are the following: 

1. Acetylene method

2. γ-butyrolactone method (NHP dehydration method)

3. Pyrrolidone method4. Succinic acid method.

PVP is not prone to chemical reactions. Stored under normal conditions, the dried PVP is very stable and the mildew-resistant solution is also stable. When heated to 150°C in air or mixed with ammonium persulfate at 90°C for 30 min, PVP exchanges water-insoluble compounds. In the presence of oxidants such as azo compounds or dichromates, light causes the PVP solution to gel. The solution will precipitate when it is heated together with a strong base such as sodium silicate or trisodium phosphate.

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