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Production method of hydrogen

- Dec 28, 2018 -

At present, the methods of hydrogen production in industry include electrolytic water method, electrolytic salt water method to produce sodium hydroxide by-product hydrogen gas and fossil fuel (natural gas, petroleum etc.) conversion method to produce hydrogen. When electrolytic salt aqueous solution is prepared by caustic soda by-product electrolytic salt (sodium chloride) aqueous solution, chlorine gas is produced on the anode and hydrogen is produced on the cathode. The purity of 99.8% hydrogen is obtained by water washing, compression alkali washing, freezing and drying. Its NaCl H 2O [electrolysis] 0.5Cl2 0.5H2 NaOH anodic reaction, Cl- and 0.5Cl2 0.5Cl2 cathodic reaction, H 2O e OH- 0.5H2 water electrolysis process, water decomposition occurs when a certain voltage of direct current is passed through the water electrolytic cell. Oxygen is precipitated on the anode and hydrogen on the cathode. The process of producing hydrogen by conversion of fossil fuels, natural gas, petroleum and its products, and coal, is very similar. Its basic process is: steam conversion of hydrocarbons, including steam conversion of natural gas and light oil; partial oxidation of crude oil, heavy oil and other liquid raw materials; gasification of coal.

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