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Polyethylene Pyrrolidone

- Jul 30, 2018 -

       Polyethylene Pyrrolidone, called PvP, is a polymer of vinyl pyrrolidone, which is divided into soluble PvP and insoluble PVPP (polyvinyl Polypyrrolidone) because of its different polymerization degree. The relative molecular mass of soluble PVP is 8000~10000, which can be used as a precipitation agent, and is precipitated by the action of polyphenols, and it is easy to have residual pvp in wine. Because PvP has a savings role in the body, the World Health Organization does not recommend the substance. In recent years, the use of soluble PVP has been rare.

       The insoluble pvpp is used in the beer industry in the early 60, its relative mass is more than 700000, it is the polymer insoluble matter of the further crosslinking polymerization of PvP, which can be used as adsorbent for polyphenols, and the effect is very good.

       Polyethylene Pyrrolidone PvP is one of the three new medicinal excipients, it can be used as a solvent for tablets, granules and injections, as a flux agent for capsules, as a dispersant for liquid preparations and colorants, as a stabilizer for enzymes and heat-sensitive drugs, as a coprecipitation agent for insoluble drugs, as a reagent for eye drops, and as a lubricant.

       Industry as a foam polystyrene additives, suspension polymerization of gelling agent, stabilizer, fiber treatment agent, paper processing aids, adhesives, thickeners. Polyethylene Pyrrolidone PVP and its copolymer cap are important ingredients of cosmetics, mainly used for hair retention agent, it formed on the hair of the film is full of elasticity and luster, excellent carding performance, do not touch the dust, the use of different specifications of the resin, can meet a variety of relative humidity climatic conditions, so it is stereotypes hair milk, hairspray, The indispensable ingredient of mousse. can also be used for cosmetics skincare and Zhigao base materials dye hair dispersant, foam stabilizer, can improve the consistency of the shampoo.Insoluble PvP is a stabilizer of beer and fruit juice, which can improve its transparency, color and taste.

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