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Physical properties of calcium carbide

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Chemically pure calcium carbide is almost colorless and transparent, and extremely pure calcium carbide is a large sky-blue crystal, the same color as hardened steel.Calcium carbide for industrial products is classified by its purity as grey, tan or black.Its crystallization section is gray, when purity is high, show purple.The new section of calcium carbide has a shiny surface, and when exposed to air it loses its luster and turns gray and white as it absorbs moisture from the air.Calcium carbide is actually an impure calcium carbide containing lime and a small amount of impurities such as silica, alumina, calcium sulfide and calcium phosphide. The chemical composition of calcium carbide with CaC2 content of 85% is: CaC2 285.17%, CaO 10.60%, SiO2 2.34%, (Fe2O3+Al2O3) 2.55%, MgO 0.15%.The density decreased with the increase of CaC2 content.Its melting point as CaC2 content varies, pure CaC2 melting point is 2300 ℃;Industrial calcium carbide containing CaC280 %, its melting point 2000 ℃ or so;Calcium carbide containing CaC269 % of low melting point, 1750 ℃;When CaC2 content to reduce melting point but also higher, then down to 1800 ℃ (including CaC235.6 %), in the highest temperature there is between 1750 ℃ and 1800 ℃ 1980 ℃ (including CaC252.5 %), when CaC2 below 35.6%, its melting point and higher.

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