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- Sep 26, 2018 -

Relative density 1.31~1.55, the water absorption rate is the lowest in the thermoplastic, only 0.07%. With excellent toughness and fatigue resistance, high impact strength, self-lubricating and wear resistance, friction coefficient is small, but the notch sensitivity is large. Heat resistance, good weather resistance, flame retardant, but can slow burn. Good dimensional stability, excellent electrical properties, good arc resistance, but the volume resistivity, high-frequency dielectric loss angular tangent value. Excellent resistance to chemicals, alcohols, ethers, aliphatic hydrocarbons, acids and salts of aqueous solution, etc. does not work. Resistant to carbon tetrachloride, swelling in two of ethane, in aromatic hydrocarbons, acetic acid and ethyl acetate, some swelling, in concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid decomposition. Heat-resistant water, oil-resistant, but susceptible to the erosion of halogenated hydrocarbons, poor hydrolysis resistance. Low melt viscosity, film forming, good formability, but large shrinkage, good flexibility of film, tearing and yield strength is high. PBT molding process can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, coating, welding, bonding, machining, vacuum molding, vacuum plating metal, finishing and so on.

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