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MPO(2-Methyl 1,3-Propane Diol)

- Jan 06, 2018 -

MPO(2-Methyl 1,3-Propane Diol) is a versatile non-toxic short chain diol possessing two primary hydroxyl groups. It exhibits a high boiling point of 212°C. At room temperature it is a liquid - it has a freezing point of -54°C. MPO is much less hygroscopic than BDO.

MPO(2-Methyl 1,3-Propane Diol)can be used in the following applications:

  • Polyester Resins (Unsaturated / Saturated)

  • Neopentyl Glycol (NPG)

  • Polyester Polyols (Replaces 1, 4-Butane Diol (BDO) in aliphatic polyester polyols)

  • Polyurethane Chain extender (Replaces BDO)

  • Liquid detergents (Replaces Propylene Glycol)

  • Diluent for Amine Catalysts