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Maleic anhydride---A Commonly Used Basic Organic Chemical Raw Material

- Nov 22, 2018 -

Maleic anhydride is an important basic organic chemical raw material in common use. It is the third largest anhydride raw material in the world after acetic anhydride and phthalic anhydride. 

It is an important basic material of unsaturated organic anhydride. It is used to synthesize diethyl maleate, 1-phenyl-3,6-dihydroxy pyridazine, and the intermediates of pyrethroid insecticide aminothrin, fungicides and clotrimazone in pesticide production. It is also used in the production of unsaturated polyester resins, ink additives, paper additives, coatings, pharmaceutical and food industries. Its downstream products have a wide range of development and application prospects. 

It is mainly used to synthesize unsaturated polyester resin, which is the raw material for manufacturing automobile parts, ships, corrosion-resistant chemical equipment and daily necessities. Maleic anhydride (108-31-6) is also an important intermediate in the production of lubricant additives, coatings, pesticides, fumaric acid, copolymers, food additives and other important intermediates. Its hydrogenation derivatives are succinic anhydride, 1.4-butanediol, r-J lactone and tetrahydrofuran.

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