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- May 11, 2018 -

Name: Cyclohexylamine

CAS number: 108-91-8

EC number: 203-629-0

Molecular formula: C6H13N

Properties: Colorless to yellow liquid with a strong ammonia taste

Synthetic method

1. From aniline catalytic hydrogenation, it can be divided into constant pressure method and pressure method. In addition, cyclohexamine can be prepared by catalytic aminolysis of cyclohexane or cyclohexyl alcohol, reduction of nitrocyclohexane, and catalytic aminolysis of cyclohexanone in the presence of hydrogen.

2. Using nickel or cobalt as a catalyst, aniline is obtained by catalytic reduction at high temperature and high pressure. Cyclohexanol can also be catalyzed by phenol to give cyclohexanone, oxidized to cyclohexanone, and then aminized with ammonia to give cyclohexamine.

Main purpose

1. This product is used to prepare cyclohexyl alcohol, caprolactam, acetic acid fiber and nylon 6 and so on. Cyclohexamine itself is a solvent and can be used in resins, coatings, fats, and paraffin oils. It can also be used to prepare desulfurizers, rubber antioxidants, vulcanization accelerators, plastic and textile chemical Auxiliaries, boiler water treatment agents, metal inhibitors, emulsifiers, preservatives, antistatic agents, latex coagulants, and petroleum additives. Fungicides, pesticides and dye intermediates.

2. Used as a water pH regulator for boilers.

3. It is an intermediate for the synthesis of desulfurizers, rubber accelerators, dyes, antistatic agents, corrosion inhibitors, pesticide fungicides, and insecticides.

4. Used as a boiler water treatment agent and corrosion inhibitor, rubber accelerator, organic synthesis intermediate.

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