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BDO market

- Dec 31, 2018 -

In December, the domestic BDO market fell weakly, the downstream consumption pace slowed down, and the contradiction between supply and demand in the market became more prominent. Under the pressure of shipping, the focus of negotiations fell below the 10,000 mark. Most of the manufacturers in December did not have a major overhaul plan. The impact of gas restrictions was small and the overall logistics and transportation was relatively stable. In the downstream main industry, PTMEG continued to decline, the overall consumption rhythm of the market slowed down, BDO downlink increased the risk aversion, and the downstream small customers consumed more inventory. Cost: The overall price of methanol and calcium carbide is weak, and the cost support is insufficient, leaving room for BDO to continue falling. The market is in short supply, the pressure on manufacturers is relatively high, some downstream customers passively get goods, the big orders negotiate low prices, the middlemen offer to follow up, the market price squeezes down; the industry mentality is tired, lack of confidence in future generations, continue to receive orders , the actual single deposit and discussion space. At the end of 2018, the domestic BDO market was dismal, and the downward pressure on the economy and the overall downward trend of chemical products fell below 10,000. Insufficient terminal demand, accumulated inventory of downstream products in the industry chain, oversupply pressures reappeared, and industry concerns continued until 2019. The supply side of the supplier is not smooth, and some of the plans to reduce production and reduce the burden, the specific implementation remains to be followed up, it is expected that the overall difficulty is likely to have a large decline.

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