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- Oct 31, 2018 -

With the continuous development of China's economy, the increase in demand for butanediol will inevitably increase. 3. The consumption demand of butanediol is mainly concentrated in the fields of PU, PBT, GBL, THF and so on. According to relevant surveys, the demand for 1,4-butanediol in the domestic PU field is growing, and with the continuous advancement of China's PU industry, it is believed that the demand for butanediol will also increase. In addition, the main consumer sector of domestic PBT is the electronic and electrical industry. Butanediol is an important fine chemical raw material, which plays a vital role in the related production of electronic appliances [3]. As everyone can see, in recent years, the output of China's electronic and electrical appliances has been increasing, and the market demand is also on the rise. This brings about an increasing demand for butanediol. With the continuous development of GBL, its demand for 1,4-butanediol has also steadily increased, which also brings a large profit margin to related companies. Butanediol has good softness, so it is widely used in the production of fiber products by using its derivatives. 4. In general, the domestic demand for butanediol is generally on the rise. Due to its special properties, its derivatives undoubtedly bring more convenience to people's production and life. Therefore, we can expect that the development prospect of butanediol in China is undoubtedly bright, and the domestic market demand for butanediol will be stable and guaranteed. What we need to do now is to improve its production process, reduce the pollutants brought by the production process, improve the production efficiency and yield of butanediol, and strive to achieve low input, high output, low pollution and high efficiency, and strive to do To green production. Conclusion Butanediol as an important chemical product, its production prospects are undoubtedly bright, and according to the domestic demand for butanediol and production, it is expected that the production and demand of butanediol will continue to rise in the future. At the same time, according to the analysis, the production of butanediol will continue to increase, and the demand for its derivatives will also be in the growth stage. In view of the continuous development of the national economy in recent years, the domestic demand for butanediol will steadily advance.

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